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Welcome to Art & Flowers! My art is organic and close to nature.  I paint what I Iove.  My work marries the whimsy of animation with the elegance of botanical illustration.  Enjoy browsing through my galleries.  Please come back often!

click any image to enlarge...

Three 11x14
Starfish 5x7
Lighthouse 11x14
Radishes 8x10
Palm Tree 8x10
Farm Stand 11x14
Robins Nest 4x6 (sold)
Three Chinese Lanterns 4x6 (sold)
Magnolia 5x7
Hellebores 11x14
Vase of Tulips 11x14
Protea 9x12
Amarylis 16x16
Daffodil 11x14 (sold)
White Flowers 11x14
Upstate 11x14 (sold)
Winter Retreat 11x14 (sold)
Winter 9x12
The Orbs and Angels of Miller Hill 8x10 (sold)
Gray Day at the Pier 9x4
The Truck 4x7
Koi 5x7
Horse Conch Shell 9x12
Two 8x10
Pear 5x7 (sold)
Love Pears 4x6
Pears on Grey 8x10 (sold)
One Red One Green 5x7
Still Life with Pumpkins 11x14
Good Luck 5x7
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