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Adding the whimsy of animation!

click any image to enlarge...

Pinks and Greens 9x12
Still Life With Pears 11x14
Poppy 5x7
Copy of On the Vine 9x12
Lizard 5x7
Gladiola 5x7
Ukulele 5x7
Ornamental Cabbage 5x7
Breakfast 5x7
Salt and Pepper Shakers 5x7 (sold)
Candy Bowl 5x7
Poppies 5x7
Urn 5x7
Sea Shell 5x7
Seagrass 5x7
Red Chair 5x7
Make-up Case 5x7
Lemon Lime & Pear 5x7 (sold)
Light-ups 5x7
From the Back 4x6
August Sunflower 5x7
Bunny 5x7
Heron 5x7
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